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About Me

I am an undergraduate student at UC Berkley with interests in digital illustration and graphic design. My work largely consists of graphic design, digital illustration, and sketches; I also enjoy experimenting with Figma and animation.

Lover of cats, Asian sweets, and art books, this site was also created to supplement my love for storytelling by sharing my cluttered thoughts and doodles. I'm constantly learning more about life through art and art through life – I hope to continue and share my journey as a young, aspiring creator.

@bbluesagwa stemmed from my senior quote by one of Tsubasa Yamaguchi's characters from Blue Period; a story about a young boy who finds his passion for art and delves into his artistic journey. "If it looks blue to you, then anything can be blue, whether it's an apple or a rabbit."


Combining blue + "sagwa" (apple in Korean) + my indulgence for rabbit-shaped apples, @bbluesagwa was born. Per its name, I felt that it encapsulated how far one's imagination can go – beyond artistic barriers. 

Untitled_Artwork copy 3.png
Untitled_Artwork copy 2.png

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