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09/2022 - 12/2022

The Project

This personal project was oriented around the process behind brand conception of an imaginary business. By emphasizing branding basics, graphic design principles, and supplementary branded assets; LUVDRUNK was made. The designs were modeled after my personality and incorporated into each asset, from its very early ideation stages to the final mockups

Brand Mission

LUVDRUNK is the “post-breakup” alcohol dedicated for the lingering feelings you (may) have for your ex – or a celebration for the lack of. A catharsis in the form of a bottle, we made this for the daring, the emotional, and the heartbroken. Our flavors are uniquely catered to each stage of your healing process.

Alongside chocolates of your choice and a complimentary shot glass, we provide a fun night made just for you, by you. Take our “Drunk-O-Meter” quiz to see what level of alcohol percentage you prefer, and we’ll send it your way. LUVDRUNK products contain real fruit extracts and no sugar additives – we also offer mocktail alternatives. We strive to be inclusive and want to make our gal community our top priority.

Let’s be LUVDRUNK together – XOXO.

Logos (B&W/Colored)

B&W Logo.png
Colored Logo.png

Style Guide

Ideation Process

Style Guide.png
LUV DRUNK (dragged).jpg

Brand Rationale


Since the early ideation process, I knew that I wanted to build something that offered a sense of passion and community. Although my moodboards and final outcome were drastically different, I genuinely came to love the LUVDRUNK brand.

The final color palette includes orange-pink hues that add a visually uplifting twist to some of our most emotionally vulnerable (and darkest) moments. Through brighter tones, we highlight the resilience of those moving on, and celebrate the joy of the coming next chapter. I also wanted to deviate from centering the brand from the doleful moments of the break up process, and rather encapsulate the positive feelings of starting anew.

Furthermore, the wet “inky” brush used on additional assets (such as “XOXO”) and the business card help to evoke emotions and connections between the LUVDRUNK brand and our consumers. The personalized, handwritten feature allows the consumer to feel more comforted and drawn, compared to a typed asset.


Additionally, the halftones used on the packaging are a staple when adding a pop of color. Rather than using gradients (which I opted out of using), the halftones work toward creating a spirited look. By adding liveliness and texture onto the screens and products, our consumers have a sense of flair and rejuvenation compared a smoother gradient.

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Business Card

kayleneson 10.26.jpg


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box-07 copy.jpg
m001t0181_h_chocolate_packet_30may22 copy.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 3 copy 3.jpg

It’s been an insightful opportunity to refine my “gut feeling” into a tangible skill. Through the creative process, I learned a lot about how I envision ideas and implment my brand into a deconstructed but structured format. From sporadic moodboards to polished final products, this experience gave me a retrospective point-of-view on the importance of cohesiveness in decision-making.

Part of the process was moving beyond my comfort zone when determining creative assets – particularly when being mindful that I couldn’t include every design element I liked. Creating this helped me develop critical thinking skills when approaching my brand, and navigating away from “I like this personally” versus “this piece would augment the brand story.”

When struggling to see the bigger picture, critiques and occasional inspiration from Pinterest served as helpful strategies in overcoming mental roadblocks. I’ve also come to appreciate all the tiny details made by designers, but more-so their ability to create a cohesive brand + story from scratch.

Lastly, LUVDRUNK was born in my very own dorm room – Beverly Clearly #327. Though I was personally spared from experiencing any breakups of my own, I was heavily inspired by my roommate’s love woes: cheers to my lovely roommate, in hopes that she’ll find a better man!


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