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Design Consultant


09/2023 - 12/2023

The Project

This project included plans to leverage Poshmark's existing brand and fan base for a creative marketing strategy, focusing on short-form content to expand brand awareness and reach beyond niche markets. Through competitive analysis, customer profiles, and marketing strategies, the goals aimed to guide Poshmark in expanding its audience and boosting conversions. The final recommendation included an integrated marketing campaign with an emphasis on short-form content. 

Poshmark's Brand

The brand's voice and tone focused on being human centered, friendly, and fun. They keep it personal and familiar while staying down-to-earth with their initial design choices. I wanted to focus on their "fun" tone where they express more upbeat and fresh ideals, especially when it came to breaking into a more Gen-Z audience. 

Screenshot 2023-12-06 at 7.08.29 PM.png

Example of Current Deck

A New Focus

The new deck presented more for the holiday season, which included a playful take on their colors, shapes, and youthful appearance. Moving away from darker tones and square shapes, the deck tries its best emulate warmer energy. (Please note that not all slides were added for privacy concerns. Additionally, only the implemented UGC strategies were included below, not all are represented).

UGC Implemented Videos + Assets

UGC Strategy 1

UGC Strategy 5

UGC Strategy 3

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